Elf "Medium/Veteran"


mBelcadiz ELF ‘mage/warrior’ 5’0" [age] [wt.]

AC 5
MV 60’ (20’)
Hp 5 1 l’side. -7 [DECEASED]
#AT (‘Wpn[s]) 1 (Longsword or Xbow or spl)
D d8-1 (’sw.) or d6 (Xbow) or by spl
AL Lawful (good)
S 8, I 10, W 12, D 16, C 11, Ch 15
Lang’s.: Elf (Belcadiz dialect), gnoll, h’gob., orc, Glantrian, Lawful Alignment Tongue
Gen. Skl’s. (4): 1) Endurance ©; 2) disuade (Ch); arcane magic (I); Survival (woods; I)
Gear: ’Quarrels (28), lthr armor, spellbook (mgc msle, rd mgc), spl scroll (mgc msle; 10 cn), little arrow (from ch. trap), magic research components (book, candle, vial w/liquid [transparent BR]; 25 cn) ..?
$: 30 pp, 71 gp, 83 sp


Belcadiz elf from the Principality of Belcadiz (Principalities of Glantri).
Status = “DECEASED” (on [‘date?]); killed by attacking skeleton (2 skeletons that were attacking in the ruined alchemist’s secret laboratory, from the “Exploring the ruins” adventure).


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