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Retrieving the ring for the baron
In which Condorous and friends retrieve the local baron's ring

[Game Session 2; RW Date: Aug ‘10th?,’ 2012]

Dates [Mystaran]: Soladain, Ambyrmont 28th through Gromdain, Sviftmont 2, AC 1001
Location: Northern Principalities of Glantri, Principality of Klantyre, north of town of Glenmoorloch.

The ruler of Glenmoorloch is the self-titled “Baron McGaligos.” He had been attacked by small, dog-like creatures called kobolds, while he was out hunting. He escaped, but they had stolen his ring, the symbol of his power. The Baron had put out a notice to all willing adventurers that his ring had been stolen by kobolds, and was offering 300 ducats [gold pieces] to anyone that successfully retrieved it.

Condorous the mystic and two other adventurers (Amaril the warrior and Lidda the halfling) went after the gold ring of the Baron.
They accomplished this task in an afternoon. They entered the kobolds’ lair in a cliff face, in the forest northeast of the town (of Glenmoorloch). This opening in to the cliff led in to some old ruins; local rumor tells that these ruins were an alchemist’s secret laboratory; no one had seen the alchemist in years. The adventurers defeated the two kobolds found there handily. Shortly thereafter, they availed themselves of a scroll. Amaril was struck by a dart trap from the chest they got the scroll from, but it was not the end of him, at that point.

They returned the ring to the Baron, and were duly awarded with the 300 ducats [gold pieces].
The Baron advised Condorous that he would tell his other friends and noble acquaintances in northern Glantri that the mystic was proving himself to be a person to be trusted. (And, maybe, his reputation would start to improve, and others in the region would know they could count on him as an adventurer of renown and ability, to be able to follow through on quests and tasks of responsibility.)

An unexpected night of Spottle
At the Spottle Parlor

[Game Session 1; RW Date: “Aug?,” 2012]

Dates [Mystaran]: Soladain, Ambyrmont 14th, AC 1001

Location: Northern Principalities of Glantri, north of town of Ostbruck.

Condorous was invited to and spent an evening playing the locally-known gambling game of Spottle with one of its promoters, the retired well-known bandit Bradbert Niss. He had been invited by the bandit’s employee Bufred Shabbin (a dwarf). Once accepted, he played the game with four other players: a local priestly “Shephard of Rad” named Vansin Vanslep, a snot-nosed teenage Glantrian named Gergy D’Ambreville, Shkad, a lizard man, and the bandit Bradbert Niss.

Bradbert Niss had retired years ago. He had been “let off” after being caught following decades of banditry; because he had rescued the Prince Jherek Virayana, who was a Constable at the time, the authorities had let him retire without punishment. He was also regarded highly by the commom peoples, as he had typically “stolen” from the nobility, and shared his largess with the peasantry, during his years of notierity.

After some time of playing the game, the evening eventually ended in disaster.

Bradbert Niss behaved strangely much of the night, handing out gems and money fairly generously. Then, Gergy D’Ambreville changed in to a wereboar, having been unable to resist the transformation brought on by the appearance of the full moon. This would not have been a concern, had the lizard man Shkad not started a fight.

Gergy ended up nearly slaughtering everyone, with the help of two boars he summoned from the nearby woodlands. Condorous escaped with his life. He sought herbs in the woods for healing aid, and was able to obtain some ‘[holyoak],’ which assuaged his pain until he was able to get back to the small town of Ostbruck.

It became generally known that Condorous was somehow involved or in the vicinity of the events that lead to the Bradbert Niss’ death. The Townmaster of Ostbruck — Luis Turnick — was not impressed that the locally-known “hero” had been killed. At this point, Condorous’ local reputation was tarnished; few people of any repute or nobility wanted to have much to do with him.


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